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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bhagavat Gita Talks - Chapter 2 - Sloka 69

Sri NV Raghuram gives an explanation to the sloka

"Yaanishaa sarvabhootaanaam tasyaam jaagarti samyamee;
Yasyaam jaagrati bhootaani saa nishaa pashyato muneh."

"That which is night to all beings, then the self-controlled man is awake;
when all beings are awake, that is night for the sage who sees."

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Video Upload: Initiation in Yoga

Part 1

Sri NV Raghuram answers the questions:
1. What is initiation
2. How is initiation done
3. Does initiation require ceremonies/rituals?

Part 2:

Sri NV Raghuram answers the questions:
1. Who is qualified to give initiation in yoga
2. Can something go wrong during initiation
3. Who should get initiation
4. Is spiritual progress possible without any initiation