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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Turkey Tour Program

Dear all,
Below please find Raghuramji's Turkey tour program starting next week.

Yoga Foundation Certificate
6th february - 27th february
Place: vivek yoga center

Public Seminar:
6th february
18.30-19.30 Yoga Therapi introductory seminar (with the first Turkey-visiting yoga therapist AmritRam)
Place: Vivek yoga center

Private Satsangs:
Bhagavat gita talks to advanced yoga-seekers.
7 & 8th February / at the following hours: 20.00-21.00 Satsang / 21.00-21.30 Q&A
Place: Atasehir

Public Event:
9th february
19.00-21.00 Guru party
Place: vivek yoga center

Private Satsangs:
Bhagavat gita talks to advanced yoga-seekers.
12th & 14th February
20.00-21.00 Satsang / 21.00-21.30 Q&A
Place: Atasehir

Public Seminars:
13th February
20.30-21.30 Yoga and Anxiety
Place: Prana Yoga Center

15th February
20.30-21.30 Yoga and Sleeping Disorders
Place: Prana Yoga Center

17th-18th February
1. Seminar on "Meditation"
2. Guru party
3. Sightseeing tour with Bursa yoga Center students

24th February
Seminar on "Yoga Therapy"
Place: Erciyes University / Sabanci Center

For attendance, please contact;
Ayca Gurelman
+90 (532) 357 3858

with regards...

Monday, January 22, 2007

Attendance to UNO conference in Urugay

Below please find a picture from a UNO conference on education and sports organised at Ponta delesta in Urugay. Sri NV Raghuramji attended the conference as a deligate from India along with indian minister Mr Chauba singh.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

January seminar program in India

Jan 16 and Jan 17 / 6pm to 7 pm
Knowledge and non- knowledge Vidya and Avidya from Isavasya upanishad

Jan 19, 20 and 21 / 6pm to 7 pm
Raja yoga selected slokas from Bhagavad Gita
venue: "Shankara krupa"

Address: Sri Shankara jayanti mandali, 3rd block jayanagar Bangalore

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Question about humbleness

Question: why is that a person who posses lot of wealth is not humble and always take others for granted and doesn't respect others?with such people how should be our reactions??

Answer: to be humble has nothing to do with wealth and it should also not to have.
People can loose their humbleness for any thing not only wealth but beauty or knowledge power any thing can corrupt and take away our humbleness. They give up because they don't see the value in it If I see the value in it I don't leave it. Let us not worry about others let us see do we give value to humbleness! If not let us go to such people in whom we see the value for humbleness.
that is why sastra says,
Vidyanam vinayohyeshah Shamah Karanamuchyate..
The knowledge can be recognized by the humbleness one has.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


"'I shall make the whole thing public before I go,' the Master has said some time before. On January 1, 1886, he felt better and came down to the garden for a little stroll. It was about three o'clock in the afternoon. Some thirty lay disciples were in the hall or sitting about under the trees. Sri Ramakrishna said to Girish (Ghosh), 'Well Girish, what have you seen in me, that you proclaim me before everybody as an Incarnation of God?' Girish was not the man to be taken by surprise. He knelt before the Master and said with folded hands, 'What can an insignificant person like myself say about the One whose glory even sages like Vyasa and Valmiki could not adequately measure?' The Master was profoundly moved. He said: 'What more shall I say? I bless you all. Be illumined!' He fell into a spiritual mood. Hearing these words the devotees, one and all, became overwhelmed with emotion. They rushed to him and fell at his feet. He touched them all, and each received an appropriate benediction. Each of them, at the touch of the master, experienced ineffable bliss. Some laughed, some wept, some sat down to meditate, some began to pray. Some saw light, some had visions of their Chosen Ideals, and some felt within their bodies the rush of spiritual power."

best wishes for happy new year!!!!

We are bidding farewell to 2006. Look back and see how we have honored the precious gift of the Lord Time to us and how much we have utilized it and how much we have given for the betterment of this creation in this year 2006.
We are now entering into 2007. Wishing every one a very prosperous new year, I would like to remind our friends what we learnt earlier on few occasions - the barometer for real richness is how much you give rather than how much you have and how much you contribute for the world to become a better place, and yardstick for growth is how much you are in the process of learning and finally the indicator of our spirituality is how much we have harmony within and how much we contribute towards harmony in my surroundings.