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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A question on Adhikara

While searching for explanation on Karma, Akarma & Vikarma, I found your essay on karmayoga. It is verylucid and informative. I had a question, you have mentioned that there is word for "Rights" in sanskrit but isn't ADHIKARA the word for "Rights" in sanskrit ? Please advice.

Adhikara can not be translated into Rights because of two reasons. one is, Krishna mentions adhikara with reference to Karma. If Adhikara is supposed to be right, rights are always about the fruits of action or the remuneration you receive for the work you do and is not for work per say. Like you have an adhikara to work as doctor but you do not get any payment no law says it is ok. in fact Krishna specially mentions that no adhikara for phala which means what the Karma supposed to give us as returns or even the benefits. therefore Krishna is saying you have an adhikara to do the activity but not for the phala has to be looked at from different angle. Imagine the amount of contribution and role of the society in your becoming a doctor or engineer.the education is supported by the society in the form of charity they give for education. The amount of research went behind so many scientists earlier which has given us this science which we learned. we have taken the benefit of all this and therefore we have the responsibility on us to repay our debt.this we do it by serving the society as engineer. this is given as the Hippocrates oath in case of medical graduates. but what Krishna says this is the responsibility not only for doctors but for all who have earned the knowledge.i am blessed by all the people of wisdom who are all my elders about this knowledge and i have therefore responsibility to give this knowledge to others and i don't have any thing to look for the results or phala.

second point is Adi shankaracharya gives us the qualities of Adhikari in Viveka choodamani. who has read the scriptures and who have practiced shama dama uparati etc are adhikaris for the learning of the viveka choodamani, clearly indicating that adhikara means eligibility and not right. in the same way if you have graduated in medicine you have the adhikara or eligibility for practicing medicine. putting two together Adhikara means eligibility and responsibility and not right. therefore i mentioned Adhikara as responsibility and not as right and when i look at all the Indian languages i don't find any word Sanskrit based word, used for right and it is only hak, in other context in India adhikara used is for power. power is the distortion of eligibility and has to be relieved from the burden of right.


Monday, April 23, 2007

SMET introductory talk on video

Dear All,

You may listen to SMET (Stress management for Excessive Tension) introductory talk from Sri NV Raghuramji at the below link:

SMET introductory talk

with regards...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

US Tour Program in Q3-4 2007

Dear all,
Below please find the tentative tour program of Sri NV Raghuramji starting from September 2007.

August 30[Thu] arrival to USA from Bangalore
August 31[Fri]to September 3[mon] *Sanatana Dharma retreat*
September 7[Fri] to 16[Sun] YIC
September 17[Mon] to 20[Thu] LA retreat
September 21[Fri] to 25[Tue] Florida Programs in
University of South Florida
September 26[wed] to October 2[Sun] Atlanta
October 3[Mon] to 8[Mon] Jackson- Missisipi
October 9[Tue] to 19[Fri] YIC theory in Houston
October 20[Sat] *Yoga for peace conference* in Houston
October 21[Sun] to Bangalore

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Family of Yoga Bharati Detroit

I feel it is so nice to share with you all, the way the whole team of Yogabharati in Detroit participated in all the programs during my visit.

The YIC is so enjoyable with very lively discussions. Most of the volunteers coming forward to share the responsibility happily like Vanita, Seeta, Sudha, Medel, Gayatri, Vasu Padma all of them bringing food for all of us and all the children coming and being with us made it like a family picnic every day. Mahesh,Mahavirji, Madanji, Deepaji, Madhviji and all others coming many days and participating in the programs, has given a feeling that it all belongs to all of us. Even at the programs at other places such as Ford company or the temple or the function at Deeptiji and at Subhashji's place or at the MS society many of them came and participated. Medel, Subhash, Pamela and others are always ready to give me a ride when ever it is necessary, these are only a few to name but apart from them all others who have contact one time or the other sharing the responsibility and participating shows that by God's grace this activity will be growing to include many more people of this area and Detroit becomes like a model organization. In spite of the fact his health is not alright Mr Sastry came and set up the things before people came and only after making sure that things are going on smoothly he went to doctor to attend to his health.Mrs Prdma sastry also realizing that she has to go to hospital with astrry made sure that he lunch lunch is ready and we have no problems, when we see all these things these people are real but silent yogis.With out the help of Seetha in planning and her organizational skills such an activity would not have possible.

I also should not forget the contribution of Sumedha and Aditya who have shown the maturity far beyond their age in helping us with computers related activity, adjusting their schedules so that thy are available for nay work and they would do with joy and immense interest.
Please pardon me if I have left any names but I always with all of you. I pray Swami Vivekananda, Thakur and Ma Sharada to bless this team or this family for the wonderful work going on.