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Monday, September 25, 2006

Finding Inner Peace: Yoga Techniques (1)

The definition and purpose of yoga is to calm the mind to create inner harmony; yoga is peace. Although yoga is often associated with the body, the purpose of yoga is more intrinsically related to the mind. Yoga is practiced to create peace of mind.

However, a state of calmness and peace is our natural state. Essentially, anything we do takes us out of our natural state of being. We are the masters of our mind and body, so there is no need to do anything in order to attain a state of peace, including the practice of yoga. So then why do we need to do all these practices to obtain our original state of peace?

Being is our natural state and doing is an unnatural state, like a dream. We have incorrectly identified ourselves with doing rather than being. With that being the case, how can ‘doing’ something now assist us in ‘being.’

To further understand how doing assists in being, let us explore the example of detergent. Detergent is used to take stains and dirt off of fabric. However, detergent itself is a type of dirt/stain. The advantage of this ‘dirt’ is that it takes away all the other dirt and then dissolves itself without damaging it. In the same way, yoga practice can remove the obstacles that keep us from being and assist us in going back to our natural state.

As we continue to stay busy by our constant state of ‘doing,’ we become tied down by all of our responsibilities, forgetting our natural state. The following story told by Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati, a great spiritual scholar and teacher, further exemplifies this concept.

In the deserts of Rajasthan, a caravan with several camels was moving from one place to another. The caravan stopped at a water hole for the night. Everybody was relaxing and the person in charge of the camels came to the head of the group and pleaded, “Sir, I have made a grave mistake.” The Master asked, “What happened?” “I forgot to pick up some of the ropes to tie the camels with.” The master reprimanded him for his negligence, but then said, “OK, we shall arrange for new ones tomorrow. But for today, just tie them without ropes.”

“But, sir, how do I tie them without ropes?” he asked. The master replied, “You know there are no ropes but the camels do not! So, they think that you are tying them as you normally do. So go to them and pretend to tie them up.” The fellow could not believe it but the master went with him and in front of every camel, he acted as though he was tying the rope. As the camel saw the action of being tied, he settled down on the ground.

The next morning the camel person came running out to the master and said, “I think there is something wrong with the camels! They didn’t get up when I went to them and tried to take them away. They must have some type of health problems.”

The master asked him, “Did you untie them?” The fellow was confused, “But, we didn’t tie them.” The master explained that the camels thought they were tied, so that notion needs to be removed. The master went to the camels and pretended to untie them and the camels jumped to their feet!

Like the tied camels, we live in an illusion of being busy and having to do so much. We have to perform some practices to come out of this illusion.

It would be nice if we could just hear that we must keep our minds peaceful and it magically happens, but for most of us, we must practice techniques to make us peaceful. Unless we are “Uttama Sadhakas”, or pure seekers, we must practice yoga to return to a state of being. Uttama Sadhakas are the few people who, when they hear that they have to keep their minds at peace, they are not attached to anything and can remain this way forever.

- to be continued...



Monday, September 11, 2006

Pictures from Speaker on Campus Seminars and Hindu Sangam 2006 Report

Dear all,
Below you may see a few pictures from Speaker on Campus (SoC) seminar series, that are continuing in USA. As you know, Sri Raghuramji was nominated as Speaker on Campus by Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh.

To overview the upcoming seminars, please visit the following link:

Message from Anil Surpur/Yoga Bharati Member /

As many of you know, Yoga Bharati had the responsibility of co-ordinating Yoga Sangam (yoga track) in Hindu Sangam 2006 on Sept 9th at De Anza College, Cupertino, CA. The other parallel tracks were Dharma, Ayurveda, Yuva, Samskrit, Kala Sangams. See for details.

The response to Yoga track was very good. I guess, close to 500 people visited our track. Some people commented that the venue setup was very good. Yoga Bharati had a booth and the response in the booth was also very good.

Our beloved Guruji Sri N.V.Raghuram ji delivered key note speech "Yoga in today's troubled world"

I am told that there was a press conference after the parallel tracks. Sri N.V.Raghuramji represented Yoga track. There were many questions centered around Yoga, I believe. We had great media coverage as well especially laughter yoga.

See the report in SJMS below.

Thanks to all the volunteers of YB and other organization who have worked hard in making this event grand success.

Following is Yoga sangam article which is forwarded to Media committee for publications.

Yoga Sangam Press Release
As a part of grand Hindu Sangam event, Yoga Sangam was a parallel track to present Yoga philosophy from different organizations.Close to 500 people attended the sessions. The track was sponsored by Yoga Bharati and co-sponsored by Vasantha Yoga.
Yoga Sangam was inaugurated with a Yogic dance by Sangita Das and her students of 7 to 9 years old. The dance was in tune with melodious shloka and Om chanting showing various yogasanas (postures) done to utmost perfection. This was followed by lighting of lamp by Sri Ram Malik - trustee of Fremont temple and other dignitaries. The guest speakers of the session were Sri. N.V Raghuram – founder and beloved guruji of Yoga Bharati and international coordinator of VYASA, Bangalore, Sri Mahendra – a popular Yoga teacher, Dr. Naras Bhat – accomplished cardiologist, Sri. Ravi Pathak - senior teacher of Art of Living, Smt. Vasanthi Bhat –renowned Yoga teacher and Ms. Robin Pollard – leader of Laughter Yoga. Yogabharti volunteer, Sri. Venkat Reddy introduced the guests.
Sri. Mahendra demonstrated pranayama and Yoga kriyas such as Nauli Kriya, Agnisara, and Sutraneti involving the participants. Dr. Naras Bhat presented how pranayama can help reduce stress due to time pressure management using bio-feedback mechanism. Sri. Ravi Pathak conducted an Art of Living style of pranayama and meditation session. Smt. Vasanthi Bhat demonstrated a series of Asanas and relaxation techniques involving a group of children, adults and senior citizens including an 85 year old yoga student.
Sri. N.V Raghuram gave his keynote speech on how Yoga can help in today's troubled world. He covered both positive and negative aspects of the world at individual, social, corporate, political, dharmic as well as inner aspect of our mind. He talked about Vedanta concept of personality (Panchakosha) at physical, life-force, mental, intellectual and bliss level. Sri N V Raghuram stressed upon the fact that external peace and harmony can be brought in only when there is internal peace and happiness within an individual. He concluded his speech with the message that Yoga is a way of life and is needed at the individual level to bring harmony and peace at the universal level.
The last session was Laughter Yoga by Ms. Robin Pollard. She presented different laughter techniques which can help in reducing stress.
Smt. Savita Joshi and Smt. Vani Gangu conducted the entire program with their interactive and humorous tit-bits including yoga quiz in between and gave gifts (yoga books) to the winners. Free CDs containing Yoga talks and articles from yoga experts were distributed to participants.
The program concluded with a vote of thanks by Sri Sharat Joshi.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Hats off for Steve Irvin

Below you may find the message from Amrit Ram, Sri Raghuramji's son about Steve Irvin, mostly known as crocodile hunter. Amrit is a nature lover, like steve and is his good friend. Now he is conducting yoga-therapy classes in a hospital in Japan.

I was in the hospital the other day by chance and the BBC news was going on. although the entire script is translated i could make out by the report that there was some news about Steve. immediately i logged onto the BBC web page and was staring at the news headline for almost a minute unable to believe myself!! as you said it was the biggest shock and i am still recovering from it.
the name Steve Irvin instill in a person the idea of this half dressed active heavily accented Australian who will will pretty much run after anything and jump on it and bring ti to the camera. with the same easy as he probably would pick up his morning coffee.
if you would probably switch to a channel where his program is playing and watch long enough you would be sure to find the one of the most dangerous reptiles or animals or any such stuff.
since his taking over of a small zoo in southern Australia from his father bob Irvin, he has transformed it to a phenomenal extent making it one of the conservation hot spots for any wildlife. i have had the good fortune of corresponding with this great individual about a year ago when i was starting my work as a n animal conservationist in the Hyderabad. i told him about my correspondence with another person called Mr kumar pillai who is the curator of the Singapore zoo and he had suggested that i work in very close contact with him as the curator was a very efficient person. a little while after that Steve Irvin had suggested to kumar pillai that the illegally trans located sea turtles from India to Singapore could be relocated back to India in the hands of animal rescue and rehabilitation society a small organisation that was started by a few friends and me in Hyderabad. after about four months of this suggestion and Mr Kumar pillai receiving the the project proposal from Hyderabad, we in India received the first consignment on about 200 sea turtles. they are presently back into the bay of Bengal leading a happy protected life THANKS TO the efforts and commitment of great should such as Steve.
it has taken me a complete two days to conjure the courage to write something about him witihout breaking down in tears. i think more than Australia losing one citizen or a group of conservationists losing a member, mother earth who is consistently becoming stronger by the help of the children has lost one child! i am sure the there are going to be millions of more efforts in Steve`s name to keep Gaea (mother earth) growing and getting stronger.
with hope

amrit ram

Sri Raghuramji as Speaker on Campus / Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh

Dear all,

Sri Raghuramji is selected as a lecturer on Indian culture in the project "Speaker on Campus" by Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh.

About Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh:
Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh is a socio-cultural, non-profit organization. HSS through its weekly shakhas (branches in Sanskrit) conducts activities for children - BALA (popularly known as Balagokulam), Youth - YUVA, and adults - TARUN. These activities are filled with fun and are enlightening.
More information in:

Shri. Raghuramji and Shri. Raviji would be covering 12 Universities in 7 mid western states in next 2 weeks. Below is the special project of MW-Yuva vibhag for SGBC.

Sep. 5 Tuesday Purdue University
Sep. 6 Wednesday Illinois Wesleyan University
Sep. 7 Thursday University of Illinois at Chicago
Sep. 8 Friday Illinois Institute of Technology
Sep. 12 Tuesday University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Sep. 13 Wednesday University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Sep. 14 Thursday Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
Sep. 14 Thursday Cleveland State University
Sep. 14 Thursday Case Western Reserve University
Sep. 16 Saturday University of Nebraska at Omaha
Sep. 17 Sunday University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Sep. 18 Monday The University of Iowa


Sunday, September 03, 2006

MSRT - Mahamrityunjaya Chanting

Dear All,
As you know, Sri Raghuramji visited Istanbul, Turkey, in his Spring Tour Program.

Click to see the pictures.

In the below link, we have uploaded the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra Chanting from MSRT (Mind Sound Resonance Technique) Workshop which is conducted in Istanbul, Turkey.

Click to listen to the mantra chanting

With love.

Raghuramji's US tour program started. Please visit to review it.