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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Kundalini and suryanamaskaras

Before doing suryanamaskaras as I said earlier the tradition is to say the set of mantras which are said in one of the three ways. One is say all the set of mantras together before and start the practices. Second is to say one mantra before each set and the third is to say one mantra with each posture in Suryanamaskara practice. Any method is all right but mantra chanting itself has a significance which I shall discuss below.
These mantras have three portions.
Aum + hraam + mitrayanamah
In this Aum is the seed mantra or the mantra which is the seed of all sounds or creation.
This is followed by the tantrik mantra which is a combination of three syllables, namely ‘H’ + ‘Rrr’ + Aaam, H + Rrr + Eeem, etc. Hroom, Hraim, Hraum, Hrah. Each one of them corresponds to one chakra in the body in ascending order.
Then the third portion of mantra is the name of the sun which generally corresponds to the chakra.
In this combination ‘H’ is only a fully opened mouth and it does not contain any sound as such because we have mouth fully open and keep the air column free. The sound ‘Rrr..’ is not a single sound. It is like beating a drum. Therefore the sound of these mantras hram hreem etc is like you keep the open air column and beat it which arouses the energy from that point. When you sa hraam, you have kept the air column open and gave a beating a the mooladhara [base] chakra which creates a very strong vibration like the drum vibrating. In the same way a,e,uu,ai, correspond to various chakras in ascending order. This sound resonance produced that way will not only rouse the energy called Prana but it also Therefore with each mantra we are actually arousing the energy called Prana supposed to be coiled dormant in those chakras or centers of activity. Thus suryanamaskaras help to arouse kundalini.
I have been using these sound techniques of chanting of Aum and Suryanamaskara mantras for therapeutical purposes in Germany in case of neurological disorders. Patients whose nerves in that the body not doing well we found them going back to normal harmonious way of functioning of Prana in those regions.
Lot of scope is there for research in these areas and accurately establish the effect of these sounds on our personality.


Bothi said...

Hi Mr. Raghuram:

If it is correct what you say here,one should need to know Sanskrit to do Suryanamaskars and to rise KUNDALINI SHAKTI...If these MANTRAS are so substantial in acting Suryanamaskars.

So, as a result,it seems no way for a person who does not pronounce Sanskrit letters correctly...

On the other hand, as far as I know, KUNDALINI SHAKTI has no relation with mantras at all...

With compassion,


Markus said...

Dear Raghuram

For Suryanamaskara we take starting from Mooladhara going upward with the mantras Hram Hrim Hrum Hraim Hroum Hraha. In Tantra the seed Mantras starting with mooladhare are lam, vam, ram, jam, ham and om.
How does the difference of the seed mantras in Suryanamaskara and the seed mantras for the 6 chakras come?

Regards Markus