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Monday, May 29, 2006

PANCA KOSA -7- Epilog

Another important aspect can also be examined. Today man is after plundering the nature for the sake of his happiness. Unfortunately he is ignorant that his nature is happiness, so he thinks that he derives happiness from the objects outside. It is because of this region, the competition, jealously and increasing the material wealth has become the order of life. If only man can find that his nature is happiness, all this abuse of nature will stop. When outside has to give him happiness, he became the consumer.

In god’s creation, every creature has something or the other to add to this creation to make it better. Plants add flowers, to make the world look colorful, flower add aroma to the world to make it more fragrant, birds chirp around adding music to the world, every creature had something or the other to add, even the earthworm makes the earth fertile. Only the human being has nothing to add to this god’s creation excepting making it dirty, and polluted. Out of three hundred and fifty million species very unfortunately only human being is the consumer! If only he can find that his nature is bliss and the happiness does not lie in the outside objects of the world, he will become a better species on the earth. He not only lives in harmony with the nature outside, but he can also develop harmony and the health within. The study of Panca kosa should be able to help man to realize this truth.


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