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Friday, September 08, 2006

Hats off for Steve Irvin

Below you may find the message from Amrit Ram, Sri Raghuramji's son about Steve Irvin, mostly known as crocodile hunter. Amrit is a nature lover, like steve and is his good friend. Now he is conducting yoga-therapy classes in a hospital in Japan.

I was in the hospital the other day by chance and the BBC news was going on. although the entire script is translated i could make out by the report that there was some news about Steve. immediately i logged onto the BBC web page and was staring at the news headline for almost a minute unable to believe myself!! as you said it was the biggest shock and i am still recovering from it.
the name Steve Irvin instill in a person the idea of this half dressed active heavily accented Australian who will will pretty much run after anything and jump on it and bring ti to the camera. with the same easy as he probably would pick up his morning coffee.
if you would probably switch to a channel where his program is playing and watch long enough you would be sure to find the one of the most dangerous reptiles or animals or any such stuff.
since his taking over of a small zoo in southern Australia from his father bob Irvin, he has transformed it to a phenomenal extent making it one of the conservation hot spots for any wildlife. i have had the good fortune of corresponding with this great individual about a year ago when i was starting my work as a n animal conservationist in the Hyderabad. i told him about my correspondence with another person called Mr kumar pillai who is the curator of the Singapore zoo and he had suggested that i work in very close contact with him as the curator was a very efficient person. a little while after that Steve Irvin had suggested to kumar pillai that the illegally trans located sea turtles from India to Singapore could be relocated back to India in the hands of animal rescue and rehabilitation society a small organisation that was started by a few friends and me in Hyderabad. after about four months of this suggestion and Mr Kumar pillai receiving the the project proposal from Hyderabad, we in India received the first consignment on about 200 sea turtles. they are presently back into the bay of Bengal leading a happy protected life THANKS TO the efforts and commitment of great should such as Steve.
it has taken me a complete two days to conjure the courage to write something about him witihout breaking down in tears. i think more than Australia losing one citizen or a group of conservationists losing a member, mother earth who is consistently becoming stronger by the help of the children has lost one child! i am sure the there are going to be millions of more efforts in Steve`s name to keep Gaea (mother earth) growing and getting stronger.
with hope

amrit ram

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