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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Question about humbleness

Question: why is that a person who posses lot of wealth is not humble and always take others for granted and doesn't respect others?with such people how should be our reactions??

Answer: to be humble has nothing to do with wealth and it should also not to have.
People can loose their humbleness for any thing not only wealth but beauty or knowledge power any thing can corrupt and take away our humbleness. They give up because they don't see the value in it If I see the value in it I don't leave it. Let us not worry about others let us see do we give value to humbleness! If not let us go to such people in whom we see the value for humbleness.
that is why sastra says,
Vidyanam vinayohyeshah Shamah Karanamuchyate..
The knowledge can be recognized by the humbleness one has.

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