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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

US Tour Program in Q3-4 2007

Dear all,
Below please find the tentative tour program of Sri NV Raghuramji starting from September 2007.

August 30[Thu] arrival to USA from Bangalore
August 31[Fri]to September 3[mon] *Sanatana Dharma retreat*
September 7[Fri] to 16[Sun] YIC
September 17[Mon] to 20[Thu] LA retreat
September 21[Fri] to 25[Tue] Florida Programs in
University of South Florida
September 26[wed] to October 2[Sun] Atlanta
October 3[Mon] to 8[Mon] Jackson- Missisipi
October 9[Tue] to 19[Fri] YIC theory in Houston
October 20[Sat] *Yoga for peace conference* in Houston
October 21[Sun] to Bangalore

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