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Friday, April 21, 2006

A lettter from a patient to Dr Sudha, VYASA USA Houston

Dear Dr.Sudha,
It was very good to see you yesterday in your office. I am very fortunate to have such a wonderful physician! As you recall I came to you a few months ago with severe pain in my leg, where the leg bone connects to the hip and the pain kept persisting. As you suggested I went to an orthopedic doctor for an MRI and further diagnosis and the first thing he asked me was how much beer I drink. This startled me quite a bit because I drank quite a bit of beer! So I told him yes I drink a lot of beer. He said that this is a common condition in people who drink too much beer. He said he the pain was the result of a reduction of blood flow to the bone and eventually it could die and collapse (very bad).
That is when I started coming to your yoga class, which I truly enjoy, and even in this short few months I am experiencing the many benefits of practicing yoga. When I went for a follow up with the orthopedic doctor my pain was gone and he asked me how I was able to have such improvement in such a short period of time, because I could hardly walk, and just a couple of months later I have no symptoms. I told him, "oh, that's easy...I traded my beer money for Dr. Rajan's yoga lessons and I have been getting better ever since"!
He thought that was great and so do I! Thanks again for taking such good care of me!

Your patient and student
Scott Morris

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