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Friday, April 07, 2006

Question: Does prana exist outside the body as well?

Question: Does prana exists in the body or outside?according to krilian theory it is an aura.

This is a very important question because these days lot of researchers are taking the Kirlian photos and saying the picture of prana and are giving different interpretations of health and are also claiming that they are able to establish proof of tally for their inferences and actual results. I don't want to comment about it.
But I would like to say that according to the Taittariya Upanishads prana is occupied all over the body and is contained within the body. In this context prana does not stay outside. More accurately my prana will not stay outside my body. but there is prana outside which does not belong to me. It is the akaasha and prana which later becomes the sthula gross outside matter.May be like the way my sound can be heard in outside air same way to some extent my prana may create some influence in the outside prana but it is not my prana just like because the air outside can transmit my uttered sound around i can not claim it to be my air!
The second thing is body and what or senses interact with outside is all gross. what my eyes see belong to gross and what my hand can touch belongs to gross. some times it may be so tiny that to see or to touch we may have to use instrumentation like a micro scope but they belong to gross world. Prana is subtle and the very definition is that which is not available for our gross senses with any type of instrumentation. Even if we are able to see some thing with the help of some low frequency electricity which is kirlian etc. it does not mean we are seeing prana. Because it leads to further danger to claim that what we see in EEG which is studying the Brain with the help of electrodes fixed on brain and passing low frequencies and currents that it is Manomaya kosa!
In fact the subtlest is Anandamaya kosa and some researchers are already claiming that they are able to catch the point in body especially brain where they found anandamaya kosa!!!
This will lead to a conclusion that machines can produce certain energy or fields or so which can measure subtle things in man.therfore I would like to agreee with the ancient sages who said pranan is sookshma and can not be found by instruments.And we can apply pranayama with the explanation I gave earlier and get the benifits.
When a person does so called prana ttreatments many other factors such as the teachers approach etc are all playing major role .

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