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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Question about Vijnanamaya Kosa experience

Question: 'what happens actually at the level of vigyanamaya kosha level in deep relaxation technique', when we go out of body conciousnes?

Answer: In deep relaxation we are fully aware of the changes happening and we consciously and with friendly suggestions go to deeper relaxation.So in DRT the Vijnanamayakosa is fully operative and if we start recognizing that it is not that we are relaxing but we are actually going to our nature called relaxation which will enable us to trascend from the physical personality level and go to Pranamaya level of functioning. Again further Vijnanamaya does not leave its presence and helps us to recognize that we can slow the breath and ease our involvement in Pranamaya and transcend to subtler level called Mnomaya and from there to Vijnanamaya. After recognizing that bliss or harmony is our nature we can go beyond and identify with anandamaya kosa. All this is possible only if Vijnana is objective or Sakshi. In good DRT therefore you becoem sakshi.


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