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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Benefit of Jala Neti

I have been advising this to people all the time since thirty years I am happy this is becoming popular. When I started I did not have any one to guide me so i used to do it very crude way We did not even had netipots those days, but i got such benifit when i was twelve years, I gave upusing thenasal drops which i used to use every hour before. I used to carry the dropper to the school !

The readers wrote:

I hear that Kaiser suggests sinus irrigation for persistent or frequent colds; many western doctors not only recommend it but also sell "netty pots" and "smelling salts"in a package for $15-20. East-West has fancy sets for higher prices. My husband's allergies have improved drastically and I have got rid of my headaches due to jalaneti. Prevoiusly if I caught a cold in winter, I'd sniffle and cough all winter. Last year I did NOT catch a cold throughout winter. This year after the whole family had two bouts of cold and my husband had a particularly nasty one after a business trip, I developed a mild cold. At work people are still suffering but I have managed to steer clear. It has become my daily habit and recently in the middle of a stinking headache, I did jalaneti (had not done that morning due to a hurried schedule so did after coming home) and my headache lightened tremendously. A short rest, with my eyes covered, completely eliminated my headache. Please try this out and see the effects. I feel that I see more clearly after having started this practise.


A couple more people sent their testimonies.... (I should start practising shirshasana and sarvangasana also)
Yes, I have tried it before and can attest to its benefits as well. The other option is to try sutra-neti (using a catheter) if you are a bit queasy with
water going up your nose.

Regular practice of shirshasana and sarvangasana also builds immense immunity to colds and helps with quick recovery from colds as well (if you still manage to catch it).


Yea, it worked successfully for my in-laws too.. My Brother-in-law who also had sinus problems before used it and is very much satisfied with the results.. with the success my mother-in-law had, she gave some to her colleagues and they were very happy as well..
it looks as an effective and simple solution (though never used myself yet :) )


Last year I threw away at least $200 worth of cold/sinus meds. We have saved a tremendous amount of money in cold medicines and nasal drops, saline solution that Mukul (Mike) used few times a day; not to mention, I haven't missed a single day of work due to sickness, Mike has missed much fewer days and the biggest benefit is not feeling miserable and vanquished by common cold, flu and general bad health. The world is so much more enjoyable when one is healthy!!



Sampath Krishnabhat said...

Raghum ji, namaste. Thanks for this nice topic.

I have been doing Neti for last 4-5 years and I used to have my nose very sensitive for smallest change in weather or dust. Neti has done miracles in my life. I would also suggest to combine this with a bit of yogaasanas. Do dry your nose after the practice, may be by bending forward following by brisk blowing (similar to Kapaala Bhaati).

I also started doing Sutra Neti few years ago, and was very excited to do it. I would say Sutra is extremely invasive compared to Jala, so your nose might react in the beginning, but I would say it is very effective. I donot do Sutra any more and occasionally practice Jala Neti.

Before going for all fancy surgeries (to take care of deviated septum and bad growth etc.,), try this natural technique. It is just like swimming in the ocean.

Of all the people, I suggested my mother to do Neti. She did it and after that, miraculously she gets great goodnight sleep. She used for sleep for ~2 hours, and with Neti she can sleep 4-5 hours easily. She attributes this benefit solely to Jala Neti.

Sastaanga Pranaams to Guru ji,
-Sampath Krishnabhat Marathe

Satish Kumar Patnala said...

where do we get to buy the catheter or the thread for performing sutra neti in bangalore
-- satish 9986025276