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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Pictures from Turkey and North Cyprus Visits

Dear All,
Raghuramji's short Turkey and Cyprus visit will be completed tomorrow.
We are adding a few pictures to give you a glimpse of his short trip...

We conducted MSRT (Mind Sound Resonance Technique) in Pranaki Yoga Center in Istanbul. There were so many attendants that it was not possibble to put them all in one picture...

Our traditional guru party was more colorful than ever, as we also celebrated Raghuramji's 58th birthday. The energy (!!!) of the hall was so high that taking a proper photo was hard... The birthday cake was the first-ever-made egg-free brownie with wild strawberries and vanilla cream, so the ones that would like to try this delicious recipe, please contact

As Anatolia is the land of the oldest communities, it was impossible not to visit Catalhoyuk exhibition (more information on Here you see Raghuramji to put his hand print on the walls like the ones in prehistoric ages.

Well, not only prehistoric community exhibitions were there, but also the Exhibition of the world renowned scupture artist Rodin was there... It was hard to skip! (more information on

Then we continued our journey in North Cyprus, where we had two public seminars and a yoga class. Above you see Raghuramji with our host (certified yoga instructor from Scotland), Sibel Irmak in her yoga center Yoga Yama in Kyrenia/Cyprus.

In our spare time we visited Kyrenia Castle and also made a boat trip. Still the main focus was yoga philosophy and we could hardly enjoy the view, as we were busy talking philosophy..

Everybody needed so much clarification and there were so many questions that were hard to cover in this trip. The discussions were going on even on lunch time...

We are happy to say that we found great enthesuaism to yoga and a very warm hospitality in North Cyprus. Our new family decided to take YICC in November 06 in Bangalore so we hope you will be meeting them soon there!


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