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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Yoga Bharati is recognised by HCCC

Human Services Committee in USA recognized the social and voluntary services of Yoga Bharati and selected this year for Grant-in-Aid. Please find below the messages of Anil Surpur and Sri NV Raghuramji.

Dear Sri Anand Gundu and Human Services Committee,
We volunteers of Yoga Bharati, thank HCCC for recognizing the social and voluntary services of Yoga Bharati and selecting this year also for Grant-in-Aid.We are very thankful for your support and financial aid. This will definitely help us to serve better and come up with many more public programs.We, volunteers of Yoga Bharati will be present to receive the award and thank you and HS committee in person for this award.
Thanks and Regards,
Anil Surpur
President, Yoga Bharati

My dear Anil and others,
Congratulations to the members of Yoga Bharati for the recognition received for the dedicated service from HCCC. I am sure Yoga Bharati deserves this honor and will inspire the members for giving to the community in turn with greater dedication and will bring credibility to the culture of yoga. Thanks to HCCC for honoring Yoga Bharati which is a young organization for this grant in aid.
This i am sure will inspire all of us to dedicate with greater enthusiasm and involvement.

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