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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Predictions as a Science -4-

Influence of celestial objects, time and space

We now need to understand another unknown factor that has its role in shaping of the individual’s development and growth. Indian society has always thought and planned everything in a very holistic way keeping in tune with the universe at large because of the expanded spiritual vision of the sages who were at the helm of affairs. We know that the nature is not ‘for man’ but we are a part of the nature. We survive on this planet not because of ‘me’ but because the nature has made life possible on this planet by providing the most congenial environment starting from the air, water and the right temperature. We live on this planet but we are not independent of our sun and moon or other planets and stars. We are in a web of life. Everything in this galaxy is influencing each other. Nothing can remain independent of the other. The living influences the non-living and vice versa. Scientists say that even the earth has life. Thus we cannot say that my mind and body can work totally independently. Our mind is the subtlest of the creation and has the maximum freedom as compared to all other things of this universe. Mind is the only stuff of this universe that has some freedom not to be bound by the laws that bind the universe. The freedom element that has crept into the human system during evolution has to make man recognize this great gift of nature and not tamper it. We are just realizing this over the past fifty years as to what havoc we have created in nature by thinking independent of nature and we are almost in a situation wherein we can completely destroy life on earth through global warming, depletion of ozone layer and creating a big imbalance in the eco system etc. This was simply because we forgot that we belong to the web and used the nature’s gift of ‘freedom’ as license to be self centered. Thus let us remember and realize that everything in this creation can influence each other. Mind being the most sensitive stuff of this universe it can be influenced to the maximum extent by the forces in nature. If you are sensitive and have the time to observe you can see that your mood varies with the rise and fall of the moon. It can influence your psychology. It is well known that psychological problems get aggravated on new moon and full moon days and hence the word ‘lunatic’ was coined.

Prediction as a science

The influence of the celestial beings on our life events and behaviour are predictable and this developed in India as a science called astrology. Careful observations of the effect of all these celestial objects such as sun, moon, planets and stars on major and minor events of life became the topic of this science. They could go on to realize that the influence was due to our relationship with these stars in time and space. Thus it developed into a highly systematized science that could predict things based on the time of birth of the individual soul. Thus an astrologer can mathematically predict the life events both the past and the future. Astrology can also predict the nature and tendencies of behaviour of an individual soul. This ancient knowledge is available as palm leaf writings and is being used by astrologers today. A very interesting research is being done at this university by one of our PhD students. Dr Ramesh is a veterinary scientist and one of his major jobs is to vaccinate live stock and maintain the breed healthy until it goes to the slaughter house for human consumption. He is a very good astrologer too. He selected sheep and goat from his stock that was to be vaccinated for the first time. He divided them randomly into two groups A and B. A group received vaccination at a favorable time of the day as per the predictions from astrology and the B group at an unfavorable time. The results showed that the A group had higher antibody titers in their blood that persisted for a long time as compared to the B group which had lower quantity of antibody that dropped faster over the weeks of follow up. These results were statistically highly significant. This fascinating observation gives us scientific evidence for the influence of nature on animal systems. if the immune system of the animals can be influenced to this extent by the position of the animal in this universe at any given moment of time ,please think as to how much our mind and behaviour can be influenced by these external forces which we tend ignore completely and tend to tamper the mother nature.

What is the basis of the science of predictions (astrology)?

A society which developed its calendar based on the position of stars, planets and the galaxies (Indian calendar is the most accurate calendar even today), a society that could easily predict the rain fall of a particular place and the intensity of sun at a particular spot at a particular time based on the position of earth in relation to planets and stars, could calculate and categorize people based on their relationship with stars and planets. This is the beauty of astrology or numerology. The method adapted is first to create a mathematical matrix (called Kundali) of your position in relation with the planetary positions based on the date and time of your birth and go on with further calculations. Once we took our mother’s kundali to a very simple astrologer. He did not even show any interest in talking to us or enquiring anything about us. He just sat down , looked at the kundali , took a piece of paper and drew his own matrix and did some mathematical calculations and within three minutes started saying many things about our mother’s life as to when she got married, how many children she has had, how many are surviving etc. What fascinated us the most was he continued and said ‘your mother has had a fracture of the bone in her right thigh region between such and such a date and this repeated on two occasions between two dates’. In fact we were highly impressed at how these calculations were accurate when we verified the dates on her X rays after we returned home. How could he do it? These calendars and astrological calculations are fascinating and hence has become a big business today in India.

The Indian society used these predictions systematically before venturing into any major events of life such as marriage or taking up a major business etc. This science would give accurate predictions whether the marriage would be successful and helpful for the society at large and for the individuals based on the characteristics revealed from the calculations. The calculations would even give the right time to get married or start a business. If you remember the life of Buddha the astrologers predicted at the time of birth that he will become a great monk. His father took all precautions not to expose him to the outside world and bring him up in a royal atmosphere. But the nature of Buddha was so strong that he went on to become one of the greatest monks who served many more people than what he could have done as a king. Astrology therefore is specialized mathematics. Just as one can learn music with training, one can also learn this speculative science.

We have many talented astrologers even today. I took a friend of mine who came to Bengaluru from Germany to an old lady who was not educated and was a very simple, least sophisticated woman who was very loving and caring. She took my friend’s hand and the first thing she said without any doubt was that he does not belong to the country he is coming from. He strongly denied and said that it was not true. But she looked at the hand once again and insisted that she was correct. Then he confessed that he belonged to Romania and had shifted to Germany only recently. Even I did not know about it till that day. Those days in early eighties not many of us knew that people could migrate from Romania, a communistic country to Germany, a free country and I cannot imagine that that this old lady who only knows a few streets around her house can think of Romania or Germany. She could not have guessed it by looking at the person’s facial features because even me, as an Indian, having traveled so many times cannot make out which country in Europe one belongs to by looking at their features., And this lady could derive it so clearly by her intuitive knowledge of the science of palmistry! I simply wondered at her ability.

- to be continued...

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