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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010 New Year Message

Suddenly when we look back e realize how fast already nine years have passed in 2000 and we entered tenth year!
But  January 1st strictly speaking is no different from either December 31st or January 2nd.. For earth it does not make any difference nor for the sun based on whose appearance we consider the day and we start the new year. It makes no difference for the wind or for any other elements in creation. Other species in creation such as trees birds or animals do not know that this is a special day!
Man makes this as a very special day by doing several things. If he has to do some thing new, he has to do it at some point. Probably for this reason he has this January 1st as the day the new year starts for him. We make it significant by starting the calendar from this day or some activities like accounts;  it starts on this day for some people.
In addition many make this mid night of the first day of the new year as unforgettable by killing several animals and eating the meat of these animals and making merry. Then, this new year may be celebration for the people but this is an unfortunate day for the animals which give their lives on this day even thought they have no idea as a new year day! Some make this new year day unforgettable by drinking liquor and dancing where they loose their consciousness! I wonder many times these things happen in the name of religion also!
Let us think of it. Do we feel comfortable in doing these things  can we make a difference in our making this new year some thing significant!
Can we make this new year day very special that this day we show extraordinary compassion towards fellow creatures by being strictly vegetarian! Can we make this new year day a very special day by spending time in greater awareness with the help of meditation bhajan etc rather than loosing our awareness in drinks. Can we make this a very special day for us and for the people around us by taking a resolution which can help in uplifting self as well as the creation around him or her! If we can let us try to help others to take up a resolve so that they can also make this new year a memorable one. The resolution can be around several things such as health, or harmony, spiritual growth, ecology global warming or plastic pollution etc
I wish all the members a very happy new year and I pray god to give strength to all to peacefully and efficiently execute their resolutions for the good of self and humanity!!
Aum shantih shantih shantihi



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