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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Question and Answer Sessions / 18th international yoga conference

First let me express that there was a very participation of very sincere spiritual seekers at both pre-conference sessions and in the conference at VYASA 18th international conference at Prashanti kuteeram.

During my sessions, there were several questions, which are very important. I could only answer a few of them in the conference and I promised that I would give brief answers for them through my web site. Let me try to give them here.

Question: when it is said that a yogi is in Samadhi state, is it he is continuously in silent blissful state or is it something beyond.

Answer: yogi is in the state of absolute silence, which means there is no dialogue, taking place when he passes into Samadhi state after being in dhyana.  However, one thing we need to understand that Samadhi also is not be a state which is of the nature of going and coming. Therefore such yogis slowly realising this truth and stay in the state of Samadhi while sitting in dhyana or while engaged in any other activity. At that stage samadhi is no more a state to achieve but it what they are. That is what some times some refer as a state beyond!  Patanjali describes it in the following way.

Mind in normal human being is wandering from point a to b to c etc. When he has to think, then he will hold one point with his mind and this is known as dharana. Then he slowly goes in to dhyana and may touch Samadhi for a flash or so. Nevertheless, a yogi whose state has become Samadhi he is peaceful normally and only when he has to think of any object then he will put his mind on it and will go to rest once the need for thinking is over. A non yogi, on the other hand goes back to his multi directional mind once that task is finished. His mind does not know rest!

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