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Friday, January 22, 2010

Beloved Amma, Smt Lalthamma, left for her heavenly abode

Lalithamma very fondly called by all her relatives as Doddamma is a personification of love. She is one person who is one simple person amongst all intellectual successful well known personalities in that house. But her love is so powerful that in the peoples heart on a balance if you keep her on one side and all other members of the family
On the other side of the balance still the balance slides on her side. we may not remember about so many people who we might have come across but she not only remembers all of them and their families but she also very fondly enquires about all.

Even though Seetha mentioned the names of all of us and our connection with her  in her message she is one who is very dearly connected with Doddamma. Right form the childhood whenever Seetha or her sister would come to our home she would directly go to Doddamma and spend hours with her. Especially after coming to US she and her children would invariably spend a day with her. The bondage between them is very unique and beyond words. Therefore the death of Lalitha Doddamma left a great void in the hearts of seetha and her family members.

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