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Monday, January 25, 2010

Mail to Raghuramji and Nagendraji regarding Lalitaji's lefting her body

We are all affected by the vacuum of elders . one generation of elders in the VYASA family gone.
she was 87, ailing for some time, was very sad after aunti went, was praying - in fact fighting with devi saraswati ( her ishta devata) daily to take her away; is it not confrting to know that she left ehr body without an iota of suffering? her prayers were heard as the end  happened on vasanta panchami day which is the auspicious day on which a grand sraswati puja  celebration happens in the country (specially bengal and orissa0 almost to the same degree of austerity and granduer as durga puja. our parents have been so great and we are blessed and could not ask for more . the divine  family wherein our father whose name was ramarao -left his body on ramanavami day.
 sri sheshadriji -- a naotionalist who wrote about the ' dark night of indian history- the 14 th august 1947' if you have not read that book you should read-- he left his body on 14th august. lakshmi amma the great rambhakta who was a great source of shakti for prashanthi left her body on ekadashi after hugging  the huge durgama statue in prarthana mandir on vijayadasami day--we feel she has gone away for the jaitrayatra ( like  sri rama and krishna (through pandavas)  started the work on this day for dushta nigraha  and shista rakshana) for her further sojourn in a healthy body as she was full of energy to do more for women's problems in the world . and now  amma, a saraswathi bhakte, who was the mother of 5 of us who were all educated with so much ease to get the best of the education from  both east and west and use it for 'be and make' . two of us for complete inner growth, three of us for offering it to the society and  the family .rahguramji,  phani , sameer and, latha who joins the family in wedlock also involved in simlar adhyatmika and seva work.the job of guruji has been made easy by the extended family which has now branched off like a banyan tree. the family tree started growing fast that included mohanji first, subhadra next , dayananda as a small boy and then the hiararchy of all at prashanthi fully committed to the mission and vision of 'be and make'. what a grand family we have-- a huge family of thousands who feel the oneness --
it is a pride that we have you both in our vivekanada family. looking forward to your inputs for our students at S-VYASA.

  Dear Nagendra ji, Nagarathna didi, and Raghuram ji:

We are extremely saddened by the news of the sad demise of
revered Smt Lalithamma ji. This a major blow to the extended
family of Prashanti within a short span after auntie ji's

May the Lord give you strength to face this terrible loss.

--Anand and Meena Paranjpe

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