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Wednesday, December 28, 2005


March 9, 2004

Like most of the children in India I also heard the story when I was a child like this. Shiva was meditating and one time Rati and Manmatha also known as Kamadeva were dancing in Kailasa. Their dance disturbed Shiva’s meditation. Angry Shiva opened his third eye and burnt Kamadeva. That is why this day is being celebrated as HOLI. I was terribly puzzled when I heard this story as it could not convince me. Rati and Kamadeva were not demons like Ravana or Keechaka; he was a Yaksha and she was a Yakshini. They were meant to dance and create joyful atmosphere. Why should he be killed and his death has to be celebrated with colors and sweets and dancing.This puzzle of mine has been solved when I heard the full story much later which I would like to share.When Manmatha who is all beautiful and all lovable and all likable which is the meaning of Manmatha was appeared to be burnt to death, Rati, the great pativrata, (devoted to husband) was in great grief. Sage Narada advised her to go to Parvathy and request her to grant her, and save her husband from Shiva’s wreath. When Parvathi, Shiva’s consort, asked her Shiva what mistake has he done and why was he eliminated. Shiva replied, Manmatha was the concentrated beauty and love. That brought him ego and has created arrogance. Yakshas are supposed to enrich the whole creation by their special presence. He became self centered. I had to teach him a lesson and do proper thing. So I thought beauty, joy and love are things which have to be shared with the whole creation and therefore on this full moon day I have distributed Manmatha all over the creation. Rati is not the widow but she can find her husband in whole of the nature every where. Let her therefore spread herself whole world. Rati is charm and if you look at the world on this full moon night with clear sky you will nothing but appreciate the beauty of the creation. Next morning the earth wakes up with full of colors and dancing. Where ever you find beauty and joy it is Manmatha you find Rati, the attraction, the good feeling there.This Holi is also called as the “festival of Kama” with the blessings of Shiva let us also recognize the beauty of the world and it is an occasion of raising from Kama to Prema by dissolving ego and to Bhakti by surrendering to the divinity.


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