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Wednesday, December 28, 2005


March 19, 2004

On the 21st of the month of March, we are moving from Swabhanu Samvatsara to Tarana Samvatsara. It is also precisely 5106 years from Mahabharata war period. Wish you all on behalf of sVYASA and Yoga Bharati a very happy Ugaadi on this occasion.This is Chandramana Ugadi, because our calendar follows moon like there are some other calendars in the world that follow sun’s motion. Moon has a great advantage because not only moon but the positions of all the stars can define the day, month, year and various larger cycles in time. We have very complicated micro divisions of time. That is why it is said that our calendar and measurement of time is complicated and at the same time very accurate. We did not have to revise the dates over several thousands of years whereas other calendars in the world have undergone changes. It is said to be Sage Mathematician Aryabhatta who gave the final shape and usable formula of our calendar. Ugadi is also known as Yugadi (Yuga+Adi) in Kannada indicating Yuga according to the Indian calendar the recon of time called YUGA started on this day. According to legend Brahma created the earth on this day and called it as the first day. In Maharastra it is called as Gudi Padwa. In Bengal it is known as Vishu or Naba Barsha and in Kashmir it is known as Navreh and in Ladakh it is LossarOn this occasion instead of writing routine topic I would like to change the idea to something different. I will give here just a couple of incidents, which are about children. Children are unique and have a very sharp perception which can totally surprise you. They are our best teachers, our best entertainers, and more than any thing living gods in front of us. Don’t miss observing their innocence, intelligent, unique and honest thinking.It was a long time ago, one day I happened to go to my friends place with Amrit, my son, who was then six years. My friend was not there. My friend’s wife asked us, “Can I give you any thing to eat or drink?” I said, “No, nothing because we are heading home and it is lunch time”. “What about Amrit. Can I give him lunch because it is lunch time?” she asked. I said “no”. She asked “then can I give him some milk?” For that also I said, “No, he will go home and will have lunch.” Basically, I wanted to avoid him messing up. She said, “Why do you reply on his behalf for every thing. Let him say what he wants”. “Ok, ask him what he wants” I became defensive! Amrit replied “I will have food.” I said “OK”. When she gave him food he was having food very neat and with out making any fuss, I was surprised.Her son was watching him eating nicely. She commented to her son, “look at Amrit he is so clean and neat while eating. You are just the opposite.” I felt bad because, I know how Amrit is when he eats at home and because of Amrit he is being criticized.But, to my surprise, her kid, who is also a good friend of Amrit casually replied, “Yes, because he is eating at somebody else’s house!Sumant asked his mom, “Raghuram uncle is very smart! Isn’t it mom? Mom questioned little kid not more than six years “how you know he is smart. Do you understand what he speaks?Sumant replied without any hesitation, “He is smart because always he talks and every one listens”!Isn’t it wonderful?LoveN.V.Raghuram
One of my friends from Turkey Mr. Ali asked this question, What is the meaning of Swabhanu and Taarana Samvatsaram?Let me share the reply with all.Samvatsara means year and these are the names given to each year. Swabhanu is actually SWA+BHANU= self in the form of Sun god.Same way Taarana is that which crosses us from the ocean of ignorance to knowledge! Aren't they wonderful!

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