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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Some Questions on God and the Soul

December 24, 2003

1. Did we exist along with God as individual souls on the spiritual planets or were we created by God? The un-manifested divinity (God) has become manifested us. That is creation. Ignorant of being this idea is being in the plane of world. Realizing this is being in the spiritual plane. As long as we have individual consciousness we are aways individual souls.
2. Are we God's expansions and if God expanded Himself to create us? What was his purpose in doing so? Was God Alone before the souls were expanded or created? He has no purpose in creating. To have some purpose means that there is some thing higher than creation. Life is very precious. It is his wonderful creation- celebration! To have a purpose means this creation is incomplete and we have to do some thing more than what god has done. That is not right. So just surrender to him. It is our worldly training that we have to have a purpose for every thing. Since creation has no purpose creation is a sport of god!
3. If we were created, then for what purpose and why do we have to suffer so much even when we are trying to be good? It is our ego that we think we can plan. But god has a different plan for us. We suffer when we find our plans are not working!
4. Why do sometimes the thinking comes that it is very hard to continuously act (do some work in devotion or do some fruitive work) and the best type of realization is impersonal realization. Don’t worry about realization. Be here and now, be in a sense of satisfaction through out in life.

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