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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Question about enlightenment

Question: In Srimad Bhagavatam it says – ‘From nothing never comes a something, nor from something ever proceeds a nothing. And there is no difficulty whatever in removing what does not exist in nature’… It’s so funny, because then all should be enlightened. All these people on this Earth should be enlightened but it is not so, so it cannot be as simple as it says here. If this world is unreal and it’s so simple to move from unreal to real then, why are there so many people that are unrealized, that are in this consiousness.

It looks very simple, it’s not that simple. Not because it is not simple, but because people are not interested in that. See, you know people, they would like to have the path of least resistance. They don’t want to change, so let it go on. It’s fine. So this is basically how the whole mankind is. That is why Upanishads says –‘Only once in a while there will be somebody, a crazy fellow, who’d just like to come out of this routine. He does not want to go on the beaten path, he tries to fly and he sees that he has wings, and he can fly. All the others also have wings, but they say ‘Our feet are there, so let us walk’. So that’s what they do. They don’t, never attempted to fly. Not only that, but if someone attempts to fly, they say ‘Why don’t you walk, everybody’s walking, why don’t you walk’. So they go by majority, majority’s the safety path. You say, all right- that’s the democracy principle. Democracy can only bring about averages. It cannot produce the extraordinary. Extraordinary is only produced by crazy people!


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