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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

More Questions on Vegetarianism

Question: "Who said a large brain indicated the highest manifestation of consciousness?
Answer: I dont know about the relation of brain size with highest manifestation of consciousness!

Question: This so called developed consciousness is presently guaranteeing the death of the planet and race perhaps within 100 years. No bodies of Moksha then!
Answer: It appears the friend is angry with human race! I can appreciate his concern and I think it is not sufficient to have higher freedom but we also have to have wisdom not to use this freedom for destructive purposes. So let us try to educate people about the need of other creation otherwise man is the most sensitive creature and he will be gone and other creatures will survive.

Question: An animal may be all the soul needs to become realised for 'Love is 'God' and 'God' is Love' and an animal has no developed ego to interfere with the free flow of Sakti. Firstly it is not proven that Jesus ate meat. The greek word in the gospels translates as food not meat. Secondly even today in some places like Scotland, meat can mean any kind of food, vegetarian or not. The particular Essenes whom Jesus was associated neither ate meat or drank alcohol. With regard to Vivekananda and Ramakrishna, I don't know whether they ate meat or not, Ammachi also ate fish when she was younger at least. I don't know whether any of these people were Jivanmuktas or not as I am not one, but if one is a Mukta it matters not what one eats, for Who is doing the eating? And what is eating?. However for the rest of us, vegetarianism represents a developed vijnanamayakosa to some extent and the feeling of Daya, without which there is no Moksha"
Answer: Good ideas Compassion and respecting fellow creatures are our very nature and threfore when we are under the influence of these things we feel very comfortable and it is not coming from outside. I dont even want to put moksha as an attaction for vegetarianism.


Markus said...

I think these much discuusions on vegetarinism are just because we have so much attachement to eating meat. It is not so easy to leave it completely.
When somebody tells you don´t eat caviar it is not good you say ok no problem or garlic it is tamasic then you say ok i´m fine without it and we question no further. But when we should not eat meat we start questioning and arguing.
Only because we have attachement we want to have another reason to eat meat than that that we like it so much. We want some rational excuse for eating meat. But experience shows there is none.
I think it not neccesary to quote the many reasons for vegetarinism and against eating meat here again. I only want to ask the ones who are finding reasons for eating meat to ask themselfes sincerly why they try to find reasons for it. And when it is only for justification of their own habit have the uprightness to say: I eat meat because i like it and i take all the responsibility for it on my shoulder. And when you have not the uprightness and dont want to take the responsibility dont eat meat. Everything else is vain. Otherwise one loses truth and self respekt.

NV Raghuram said...

It is very true that it is the attaachement to eating meat which holds people This is the inference I have drawn talking to several people who eat meat.
I thought of this article to educate people who become vegetarian fanatics that if they know that the spoon they used touched the vessal of meat that brings about total chaos in them. One need not feel that way. Second thig is many meat eaters did not even think about the details about food. This may open thier eyes for veg food.
Thanks for the nice and simple comments.