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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Questions about subconsciousness

Question: I have a doubt regarding -Sub consciousness. Sir, in psychology they say that subconscious carries the impressions of daily experiences, whether it carries the impressions after we leave the body?
Answer: It depends on how much we are attached with our daily experiences that we take those impressions into subconscious levels.

Question: You told that udana vayu carries the impressions after we leave the body. Can we correlate these concepts?
Answer: Yes, indeed this is the same. The impressions are carried in udana vayu in various layers, some are not so deep and some are very deep impressions.

Question: In yoga vashishtha -By Leela story what exactly vashishtha is trying to say?
Answer: Can you put it in much more specific so that I can answer what Vasista is trying to say to Leela


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