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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Question about Vegetarianism

I read the blog and have some opinion on the same. Who said a large brain indicated the highest manifestation of consciousness? This so called developed consciousness is presently guaranteeing the death of the planet and race perhaps within 100 years. No bodies of Moksha then! An animal may be all the soul needs to become realised for 'Love is 'God' and 'God' is Love' and an animal has no developed ego to interfere with the free flow of Sakti.
Firstly it is not proven that Jesus ate meat. The greek word in the gospels translates as food not meat. Secondly even today in some places like Scotland, meat can mean any kind of food, vegetarian or not. The particular Essenes whom Jesus was associated neither ate meat or drank alcohol.
With regard to Vivekananda and Ramakrishna, I don't know whether they ate meat or not, Ammachi also ate fish when she was younger at least. I don't know whether any of these people were Jivanmuktas or not as I am not one, but if one is a Mukta it matters not what one eats, for Who is doing the eating? And what is eating?.
However for the rest of us, vegetarianism represents a developed vijnanamayakosa to some extent and the feeling of Daya, without which there is no Moksha IMHO.........ONS...Tony.

Manifested consciousness is the expression of freedom. It doe s not mean tha tit will do ony do good. It has a freedm to do both good and bad. It is the inorance coupled with freedom brings about destruction and wisdom with freedom brings about good for oneself and for others. Man can be both. Fortunately even thought there are many who are bad the good out nember them so the world is suviviving and progressing. To believe that man brings about distruction of mankind is being negative and not having faith in man. That is not spiritual. So let us assume man will realize and save teh world with honor and dignity.
Eating meat or not eating meat is not going to decide ultimately whether some one does not attain moksha or atttains. I only gave the logic behind being vegetarian from various angles which alos included the idea of consciousness. Ammachi was eating fish Vivekananda used to eat meat. But they were at that level where they immensely respected teh consciousness. Ther are several strict vegetarians but have no respect for consciousness. I like the former.

I also don't think vegetarianism represents developed vijnanamaya kosa too.


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