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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Humor on lighter side reg

Sravana means listening and it is a spiritual sadhana! we think it is easy but it is very difficult! in lighter way let me quote some incidences I am sure you all may have similar experiences!
it is just to show how much we only listen to what we are already stuck in our minds. especially to convince some one that yoga is for total personality and not just postures it is so difficult!
in one of the yoga teachers program I gave several hours of talk on various paths of yoga where in I mentioned that yoga Asanas is one step in Patanjali's astanga yoga which is also a part of rajayoga. apart from that we have karma yoga, jnana yoga and Bhakti yoga. I explained in detail about several yoga streams and finally when I concluded my talk on Bhakti yoga one of the participants asked me, Raghuramji, do you do same set of asanas you taught us for Bhakti yoga also!
while giving a talk in India I said yoga is part of our culture and great saints have carried the torch of yoga over centuries people like Patanjali gave these principles of raja yoga Meerabai and Tyagarajas have carried us from centuries the ideas of bhakti yoga.....
after listening to all this one person was telling his friend which I over heard See, Raghuram says even Meerabai and Tyagaraja were practicing asanas!
I gave a two hours of talk in one place in my recent trip to USA telling that yoga is not just physical and even when our body moves it is not because it is just physical but there is life force called prana which is actually causing this movement and I also explained I thought very clearly that we have a hospital where several chronic ailments especially several psychological and psychosomatic ailments with the help of yoga techniques and correcting the mind and creating inner harmony and I also made them to do one hour of pranayama and meditation and told the audience that yoga is broad category and under that are all these techniques. After the whole class is over everybody was walking out of the hall there was a young couple both attended the whole session and the man brought his wife and personally told me that they have enjoyed and proudly introduced me to his wife saying, "See, Raghuram said they have a orthopedic center in Bangalore hundred fifty bed orthopedic center". I was shocked but happy he did not introduced that we run a "human carpentry center".

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