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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Question on Shakti Power

Why is it that the female is called the shakti/power Aspekt of creation? When i look at men and women than it is obvious that man have more physical power than women. All the hard work which has to be done like building roads etc. is being done by men. Most of the intellektual , philosophical, scientifical research work is being all done mainly by men. All civilisation and culture of the world all great artists, musicians, painters, inventors, discoverers of the history were men. Nearly all the great work in the world has been made by man.Even in the spiritual field Buddha, Jesus, Shankaracharya, Vivekananda all were men. Of course all borne by women. But this becoming a child itself is even not something which the women is doing
actively by will but it is much more happening to her. The bringing up and caring for the child is no doubt a hughe work to do, but there also one has not to do something so altively but it is more something where one has to be patient and be constantly there for the child. Not so much of something activily energetically doing something.
But also Vivekananda was emphasizing the important role of women with the shakti aspekt of his work. And also giving great importance to Sarada Devi though all the teachings he got from Ramakrishna and not from her.
When the female Aspekt should have the force Aspekt then women should go round the globe and teach spirituality and do the great work. I don't understand this at all. Can you pleas give me a hint? yours

The creation is surviving not because of strength but because of Harmony you se the grass plant not only survives but smiles with satisfaction. You see it in the big jungle it is most insignificant but it will also bring about a small flower insignificant though. Nobody is there to recognize no body fears it has absolutely no strength next moment there is no guarantee that it will survive but still you see the fullness in it.This is prakriti or the feminine aspect which we call as Shakti. Shakti is wrongly translated into Power or interpreted as power which gives the concept according to modern science. This quality which brings about harmony is the feminine shakti which can be there in man or women. we all have both these aspects Where the shakti aspect finds its expression eloquently there you can see the harmony aspect. the strength aspect is the masculine are very true when you say that women's activity is not done actively. The harmonizing aspect requires great patience and sacrifice. A child is growing inn the womb for nine months requres such an immence patience. When people say woman does sacrifice literally means that women does not place herself in doing. Woman only allows it to happen She silently carries the whole happening patiently. man can give energy but can not have the patience. Whether it is Jesus or Vivekananda or Ramakrishna and all the saints they have seen or experienced the energy which is tremendous in themselves. that is the reason they could realize the importance of harmony which is necessary for it to be useful to mankind a strength with no sense of harmony is destructive.
a strength which pays profuse respects to harmony can create divinity out of the world!
That is the reason I am always disturbed when people emphasize that yoga and peace of mind will give power because power with out the humility can become biggest ego and can be destructive.

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