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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Questions on Universal Inteligence

Dear Raghuram,
Thank you for all the articles you are writing for us to help us on the spiritual path.

Question: How can you say that there is something like a Knowledge substance. The flower creates itself out of the elements like earth sun etc. And you say that there is a knowledge doing this. But it may be also said that the flower (and everything else)exists just because of the properties of matter. As soon we take away the matter there is no flower and knowledge is also not there. The knowledge which creates the flower only exists in connection with matter. If matter is not there knowledge can also not be there.

Answer: Creation essentially has two aspects or substances. one is the material cause and the other is the intelligence cause. the latter I called as knowledge substance which is normally referred to as property of the material or element. In this regard there is a slight difference in thinking which is material is the property of the knowledge or intelligence and not the other way round. At element level there is intelligence which begets the material like the wetting intelligence be gets water burning intelligence begets fire etc. And again the flower intelligence with the help of such elements or the intelligences and with their rightful combination will bring out flower. Same way in a human being it is the intelligence body which is subtle begets the physical body which is the gross.

question: Even if there is just a slight change in the properties of matter the flower will not come. For instance if you heat the seeds above a certain temperature the seeds cannot create a plant anymore. There is no knowledge which can even overcome the smallest changes in matter. So where is the knowledge independent from matter?

Answer: at the seed level the intelligence is limited only to the degree that if the conditions are suitable within that range they will be able to give manifestation to their intelligence and flower flowers. but the moment you alter the conditions beyond certain limits then they fail. their intelligence is in one sense extraordinary as to look at a the intelligence present in the seed within given a lump of clay moisture and such conditions it can bring out a plant and nice flowers which we can not do in a laboratory. But suddenly if he conditions change they can not have the freedom like if it snows they can not move into safer place! This is their limitations. their knowledge is fixed having lesser degree of freedom. where as at human level there is so much freedom.

question: Even when one says it is not expressed but it is there. How can we say that it is there when we don´t perceive it apart from matter? When it is perceivable only in matter it is matter itself.

Answer: This is the argument of materialists or existentialists say that there is nothing like intelligence. even if it is there it is nothing but the aspect of the matter. This argument extended further like the way intelligence is part of the matter even the intention and intuition also do not exist. or even if they exist they exist as part of the matter and not independent. And finally the soul also does not exist. With that view two dangers are there. One is that when we are physically there we are there and there is nothing beyond. Then there is no place for charity, compassion etc as superior values If I have material advantage I do if not I don't. there is nothing like moral and immoral. Second thing is how do you explain the experiences of people who meditate and have outer body experiences and the experience of body apartness etc.

Question: And when it is not percievable apart from matter it is not there at all.

Answer: There are therefore two strong positions in the world One is matter based Universe and the other is the consciousness based universe. In the later position since the consciousness is the prior position instrumentation which is nothing but the matter will not be able to prove the presence of consciousness or intelligence so perception by any external means is not possible but it is only experiential.

I hope I have answered your questions. In my assessment they are very deep and thoughtful questions!
Raghu Ram


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