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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Question on creating karmas

Regarding hte Karma Yoga article: "I guess it really depends on the person, and what they percieve as bad/good etc. But what if someone truly believe they are doing a good will, when actually they are doing the total opposite... Do you think they get the same karma back as to a person who's intent is the same as theirs.. yet released in a more darker way?."

The idea is very simple. the karma we are talking about is the physical activity like putting hand in fire. even if you do not know fire burns the moment you put hand in fire it burns. same way some one who is thinking that he is doing good may not know he is doing bad instead of good. In any case the bad fruit will be there. this is even without his own knowledge. how are we guarenteed that we are now doing all activites with full awareness. we are not sure. but we have the freedom within us to be disturbed or not. Therefore we need not be disturbed by them. but situations can be same for one who did it wilfully or the person doing out of ignorance. the later has atleast a choice to learn from his mistakes but the former does not even have that!
That is why we say a person who goes wrong ways with knowedge will go to deeper darkness. his knowledge can come in his way.


Raghu Ram

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