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Monday, July 24, 2006

Questions About Existence

Question 1. We experience the state of consciousness-waking, dream, sleeping in
mind-manomaya kosha.

Answer: They do not belong to Manamaya kosa. Manomaya kosa belongs to these states. They are your experiences or the experiences consciousness goes
through. Not only these but we also have the experience of Fourth state but we don't normally recognize that state.

Question 1 cont'd: But,some internal researchers like-Ramana maharshi etc said that-they experienced presence of god in the heart.What is true sir?Whether I am wrong?thinking like this?

Answer cont'd: Internal researches said that all of us have even the fourth state of experience and in the transition when we are at heart level we have such experience of divinity. Soon we bring about the intellect to evaluate and
judge and in this process we loose that experience. People like Ramana are so pure that they do not corrupt it. what else is there around other than god! But in order to feel that you need pure heart. Pure heart is that experience it is not that you purify the heart and then some thing comes is not true.

You are suchitra and in your name is the quality of purity. statements of persons like Ramana are your inspiration!!

Question 2.How we can correlate Akasha and states of consciousness?
Answer: Akasha according to Indian thinking is that state of being where all these states are possible for us to freely transit from one state to another state. If only we don't have attachment then the transition becomes smooth and no burden.



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